Coaching aims to support and facilitate change towards the achievement of specific psychological goals and objectives.

Available services:
•    Coaching for Accountability (to support more effective team delivery, accountability and responsibility)
•    Team Dynamics Coaching (to support resolution of team dynamic problems)
•    Leadership Effectiveness Coaching  
•    Cognitive Coaching (working memory)
•    Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress management coaching aims to support individuals in building greater self-understanding and resilience in response to specific life challenges and demands (e.g., work stress, personal stress, life stress, change management), as well as to promote self-growth and health in responding to and managing stress. The stress management coaching process includes an initial stress assessment and one-on-one coaching. An online stress management module will be available soon. Time required varies from person to person depending on the problem but typically entails 6-12 coaching sessions over a number of months.